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Who We Are

Sevo Nutraceuticals is a newly formed company in the business of licensing and bringing to market science-based nutraceuticals developed at research institutions and elsewhere. Its vision is to become a market leader in highly efficacious, science-backed nutraceuticals that improve people's lives with a mission to build a portfolio of high value products with clear markets that are leaders in their category.

Market Overview

Nutraceuticals are a loosely defined category of products (along with dietary supplements and functional foods) targeted at improving health and providing medical or physiological benefit. They include body building supplements, diet aids, and pain reducers, among others. The Company estimates the total market for nutraceuticals/supplements in the US exceeds $28B and is growing at 4.4% a year, projected to reach $37.5B in 2017. Nutraceuticals are not subject to the same testing and regulation as drugs (which means they can be brought to market more quickly), but products are FDA regulated under guidelines specific to the nutraceutical industry.

The two principal markets for the Company's initial product are normal adults and adults experiencing cognitive decline, with about 5.4 million US patients growing to 16M in 2050, and healthy adults looking to improve memory and cognitive function. The Company estimates cognitive supplement sales at $750M annually (US only). Prescription drugs written for Alzheimer's patients constitute $2.8B in revenue.